Clam Dish or Appetizers (Pintxos) in the Basque Country

Why We Don’t Say Everything That We Know

Learning about a Basque Proverb from the Original Arabic One

While trying to discover more about this proverb, I found another similar proverb, an Arabic one. It was written in a manner that made me think about why we don’t say everything.

Read the Arabic one below:

Don’t say everything you know.
Don’t do everything you can.
Don’t believe in everything you hear.
Don’t spend everything you have.

Who says everything it knows,
Who does everything it can,
Who believes in everything it hears,
Who spends everything it has…

Say what it shouldn’t,
Do what it mustn’t,
Judge what it doesn’t see,
Spend what it doesn’t have.

Arabic Proverb.

Is it about restraining and holding back? Or about thinking before you speak?

Many proverbs exist about what we should say, when we should say things etc. This proverb talks about restraining and holding back what you say. It also talks about not eating everything you can.

Delicious Clam Dish in the Basque Country

The message resonated with me especially in the consumer world we live in. We consume too much of everything…from news, fake news, junk food, the latest gadgets, etc.

Many people are also stuck in a comparison game based on what they see posted on social media. I’m always surprised when I see things or hear things. It makes me wonder…

Should they be saying as much as they know?

Have you been there where you think you know something about something and wonder if you should say something? In this day and age, we need to be cautious about what we think we know. Just because it was posted, does it give you permission to tell all? I’m not sure.

What do you think of this message: Dakien guztia ez derrala, ahala oro jan ez dezala. (Don’t say as much as you know, don’t eat as much as you can.)

Let me know below what you think.👇🏽

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