Pedro Ciganda, a Basque immigrant, making his own success and seen here baling hay in Moses Lake, WA

How to measure success in life and in learning languages

What’s the measure of success? (What a loaded question, right?)

As a daughter of immigrants, I’ve watched my parents work hard my whole life. They’ve worked hard to provide for their family and to achieve success; providing for everything they never had while growing up in the dictatorship of Spain.

Garaipena, neke askoren ondorena.

Success is the result of a lot of hard work.

Proverb about Success & Working Hard
Success is the result of a lot of hard work.

They worked hard in order to buy their first farm. They worked hard to buy their first tractor and baler (not the ones in the pic. These are my dad as of 2019). A lot of work, but I’d saying doing their best to also enjoy life.

Since I was a little girl, all I’ve done is work. I’ve worked on the farm. I also had an after-school job in high school, & many jobs while at university.

Throughout life, I’ve continued to do many jobs. One time while I was teaching at Moses Lake High School, I was “triple-booked” after school: coaching Science Olympiad, teaching Spanish to teachers in the district, & coaching Track!

But even though I’ve always worked hard, I think I’ve played harder. I’ve slowed down in recent years, but I still maintain a great balance between the two.

So after all these years of work, work, work & a steady job in teaching, why would I have chosen to work harder by going to teach English in the Basque region and this year choosing to create digital products?

Because I like hard work! If you work hard you will succeed. You’ll probably also fail a few times, but if you keep on working hard you will come out on top! When? Good question! I’m driven to challenge myself continuously to learn and acquire new knowledge.

As a language teacher & learner, success to me isn’t about being fluent & flawless. It’s completely about making yourself understood & for you to understand.

You’ll make mistakes, you may talk using simple verb tenses. I don’t care…if you’re working, trying to understand & be understood then you are heading towards success.

So…back to the original question, How do you measure success?

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