Women in Language: Featuring women in the language industries.

I’m excited to share that I’m speaking as a part of an exciting online event–Women in Language. 

It’s a four-day event featuring more than 30 speakers, with individual talks, expert panels, speak easy language exchange sessions, and “dream teams”. 

Ready already? Click here to find out more and get your ticket.

Want a little more info? Read on…

Women in Language is an online event designed to showcase inspiring female and non-binary voices in language industries.

This year it’s happening September 17th through the 20th.

Everyone is welcome! This can’t be stressed enough – the “women” in Women in Language refers to the speakers only (well, and the organizers). 

So, who’s behind the event?

The organizers are Lindsay, Kerstin and Shannon. The first event was held in 2018, and it was extremely successful. Based on the triumph of the first event, these 3 amazing women have continued to organize the annual event.

3 good reasons to get your ticket today

  1. Learn something new

This year for Women in Language, Lindsay, Kerstin & Shannon have brought together an incredibly inspiring line-up of 30+ female voices in language industries. 

From teachers to translators, from researchers to learners, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy AND perhaps something that doesn’t instantly. But fret not–that’s probably because it’s something new to you and gives you all the more reason to explore it.

  1. Do something kind

There are multiple ways you can do something kind by getting your ticket to Women in Language.

For starters, 10% of ticket sales go to Girl Up. So, you know, that’s awesome.

Secondly, there are usually a small number of people who wish to attend the event but the ticket price is a barrier. You can support these people by donating an amount of your choice towards a ticket for another attendee. (You’ll be asked if you want to do this after your ticket purchase)

  1. Have a pretty awesome long weekend!

There are too many amazing speakers to squeeze into one day…so there are 4 days.

Take a load off and relax over quite the language inspired long weekend!

Ready to get your ticket?

Click HERE to get your Women in Language ticket now.

Any questions? Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap.

Also, you can send me a DM on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Can’t wait to see you soon!

AIOOO!! (Bye in Basque!)

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