Are you an educator looking at new options for additional income? Come learn more at the Edupreneur Success Summit

Be empowered at the Edupreneur Success Summit.

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**SPECIAL PROMOTION for the Educator Success Summit: $10 OFF any ticket with code EMPOWER. Get on this before it expires Sunday night (August 30th at 11:59 PM).

Are you an Educator? Does COVID19 have you thinking about other options?

Edupreneur? Teacherpreneur? Solopreneur? Several years ago, I would’ve said, “what do these words mean?” Now, I’m on the journey and I’ve been taking a lot of Professional Development geared towards Edupreneurship or Teacherpreneurship.

So, if you’re curious like I was or you’ve started the journey, come join me & others at the **Edupreneur Success Summit happening August 30th-September 3rd, 2020. There are many presenters providing a wealth of information to empower you to get started by sharing tools, tips, and strategies.

Why do I want to go?

I’m a 22-year classroom teacher that started looking at different options in the online world about 2 years ago. I never made a move and wasted A LOT OF time deciding should I go for it or not.

In the fall of 2019, I went all in! Now hold on…did I leave the classroom? Nope, or not yet! But I’m looking at new opportunities to learn more while continuing to teach in the classroom.

I’m a member of several memberships geared specifically for language teachers in the online world, but I also look for other educators who come from different specialties. I love learning and I’m loving the process of starting my own edupreneur hustle.

Educator Summits vs. The BIG GURUS

Shows a variety of the speakers that will be presenting at the Educator Success Summit.

When I took THE STEP and purchased a big course to learn about teaching language online, I didn’t need help with the teaching it was the business aspect. I needed to learn about email marketing, social media, and finding customers.

I’d seen the big names, but I wanted someone I could talk to personally. I also wanted them to have the experience themselves of working alone. I’ve found that and more! I’ve found mentors & colleagues to work with while on my new adventure.

That’s why if you’re looking for a change, a side hustle or a brand new change, look to those who’ve been where you’ve been and understand the problems you face and can help.

Shows a variety of the speakers that will be presenting at the Educator Success Summit.

I want to hear from the educators that have been in the classroom and may still be there or have moved on. That’s why I highly recommend you sign up for the **Edupreneur Success Summit happening later this month.

If you have any questions, leave me a reply below. Or go check out the information for the Summit **here.

If you’re a language teacher looking to go online, check out Lindsay Does Languages. Her Online Teacher Starter Kit is on sale RIGHT NOW. She is also providing Free Weekly Webinars during this month.

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