STOP Hating on Standardized Basque

And instead SUPPORT all forms of Basque. What is standardized Basque? Euskara Batua is the name given to the standardized Basque that was organized and developed in the 1960s.  However, it was an idea that had been around since the 1800s when several books were published in Basque using Basque

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Clam Dish or Appetizers (Pintxos) in the Basque Country

Why We Don’t Say Everything That We Know

Learning about a Basque Proverb from the Original Arabic One While trying to discover more about this proverb, I found another similar proverb, an Arabic one. It was written in a manner that made me think about why we don’t say everything. Read the Arabic one below: Don’t say everything

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A Red Door in the historic area of Hendaia, France

How to get along well in life

Throughout life you’re going to cross paths with many people. The key is how to get along well so everyone gets what they want: happiness, a completed project, etc. I’ve always taught my students to respect each other, listen to each other, and learn to work with each other. I’ve

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Rebel Boss Virtual Summit

Come learn these top launch strategies from the best

Disclosure: There are some affiliate/referral links below. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand I make this recommendation based on my experience with the products and genuinely believe the products are helpful & useful, not because of the small commission

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Esther with headset for listening

Kaixo, I'm Esther!

I help Expats, people with Basque roots & language lovers like you learn Basque without it being too hard.

As a daughter of immigrants and now an Expat myself, I’ve created the podcast The Immigrant All Around to showcase the stories of the people around us.  

Learn more about me and how I can help you HERE.

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