Pedro Ciganda, an immigrant from Auza, Navarra settled in WA and continued to make his life there.

TIAA 01: A Contract that Led to a Lifetime with Pedro Ciganda

A contract that was for 2 years turned into a lifetime.

In this multilingual episode, you’ll hear all about my dad and his journey to the United States as an immigrant from the small village of Auza, Navarra.

We discuss many things and with help of my nieces we go into the journey from home at 14 to work to getting a contract to go to the United States.

A Contract that Led to a Lifetime with Pedro Ciganda

Pedro, Ania, Brynlie and I discuss:

  • why he left his home at such a young age
  • jobs he did that prepared him for a contract that would lead to a lifetime
  • about adjusting to life in Warden, WA
  • who he spent time with
  • how he met my mom
  • how he learned English and any challenges that he encountered
  • telling his family that he was heading to the USA
  • friendships made away from home

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